Maximilien Mathian (Post-doc)

Characterization and dating of Malawian weathering surfaces (TOTAL project)

This post-doctoral project, is focused on the identification of the past tropical events that affected the eastern part of southern Africa since the Mesozoic. In this purpose, duricrusts and loose laterites from the different Malawian topographic levels were sampled and will be dated using respectively (U-Th)/He dating of hematite and goethite and RPE dating of kaolinites. In parallel, mass balance calculations will be performed on the dated samples. This study will allow to obtain a better understanding of the mechanisms at the basis of the formation of the several types of southern African weathering surfaces (latosol stricto sensu, quartz-rich duricrust/ massive duricrusts, kaolinitised saprolites,…) and to validate the ages of the already identified geomorphologic surfaces of this part of Africa.

Short CV

2015-2018: Ph.D. and teaching assistant position at the IMPMC (Sorbonne Université)-Unraveling paleoclimatic events in laterites using the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance dating methodology on kaolinites.

September 2015: Research Officer at the IC2MP (University of Poitiers)- Semi-Quantification of the kaolinite/smectite ratio of Nil organic and inorganic rich sediments.

February-July 2015: Master Degree Thesis at the IC2MP (University of Poitiers)- Characterization of the Ity gold mine lateritic saprolite and development of a NIR-based semi-quantitative methodology.

March-June 2014: Research assistant at the CSIRO (ARRC, Perth)-Testing and improvement of the classical iron ores characterization analytical toolset.

2014-2015: M. Sc. in Clay Science (Master National Argiles), with honors (1st), University of Poitiers, France

June 2013: Bachelor thesis at the IC2MP (University of Poitiers)- Impact of pH on the crystallization of the lizardite-nepuite and talc-kerolite series: a synthesis approach.

Publications :

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Oral communication:

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